Puppy Problems...

What if I told you that, together, we could stop your puppy problems right away?

Sounds too good to be true, huh?

It really isn't that complicated at all though. You can virtually eliminate most or all of your puppy problems right away simply by implementing the techniques that we teach.

So, if it's that easy then why do you need a whole program?

...For The Big Stuff

For the stuff you aren't even thinking about yet.

Behavior problems seen in adolescence and adulthood, those are the actual problems. These are the reasons that training matters.

And you know what else? The best time to train for these BIG, DIFFICULT, (and often) SCARY problems is.... IN PUPPYHOOD!


That is exactly why I created this course. To solve the big problems before they ever even pop up. The problems that send dogs to shelters (or worse). The problems that bring on immense shame and feelings of helplessness for owners. These are the problems that matter.

These are the problems that require infinitely more time, effort, and money to fix once they show up and significantly less time, effort, and money as part of a preventative solution.

What Kind of Things??

Things Like....

Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding can absolutely be one of the scariest things that owners will come across with their dogs. It's also something that will pop up to varying degrees simply because it is a normal & natural response for dogs to exhibit.

Even so, it is something that is completely preventable by starting training in puppyhood.

Leash & Stranger Reactivity

There is so much that will be going on in your puppy's world as they live their lives. And we often don't do enough to prepare them for that in puppyhood.

Puppyhood is the easiest time to socialize. But, it is also very easy to overload our puppies leading to serious reactivity issues in the future without recognizing it until it's too late.

Separation Anxiety & Other Destructive Issues

There is a myriad of reasons that your dog could develop some type of anxiety that they don't know how to cope with very well.

This often will lead to destructive, obnoxious, and/or defensive behaviors that can be really hard to overcome without a lengthy and expensive behavioral program

Learn How To Build Your Dream Dog From The Ground Up

Don't waste the most important time of your puppy's life putting out fires.

Now is the time to start building the dog that you want and ensuring that neither of you will be faced with life-altering behavior problems later.

I've got the roadmap here waiting for you!

Hi! I'm Saralyn Wallace

Training dogs and coaching people (just like you) through the training process is my passion!

My focus is puppy-hood and adolescence because there is so much that can and NEEDS to be done in these stages to set our 4-legged companions up for the life we want to lead with them.

I know from experiences of my own and of my clients' that it is much easier to start building foundational skills early than it is to solve problematic behavior once it has begun.

My goal is to help as many puppy owners as possible to get started off on the right foot and to be able to have a life with their dog that they absolutely LOVE