There is absolute MAGIC that so many dog parents are missing out on because they don't know how to create relationship and effective communication with their puppies. Learn how to build & harness that magic!

What does this look like?

-having 2 way trust and communication vs a constant power-struggle for "control"

-focusing on building a dog that knows how to navigate life successfully vs. putting the focus on "commands"

-learning how to build resiliency and willful cooperation in your dog vs teaching your dog to only respond to you due to fear or intimidation

-building confidence and trust in your and your dog's relationship vs buying into the mythical dominance & alpha-wolf theories

Hi, I’m Saralyn Wallace!

Training dogs and coaching people (just like you) through the training process is my passion!

My focus is puppy-hood and adolescence because there is so much that can and NEEDS to be done in these stages to set our 4-legged companions up for the life we want to lead with them.

I know from experiences of my own and of my clients' that it is much easier to start building foundational skills early than it is to solve problematic behavior once it has begun.

My goal is to help as many puppy owners as possible to get started off on the right foot and to be able to have a life with their dog that they absolutely LOVE.